The cPanel Control Panel was the undeniable No 1 player among hosting managing interfaces not long ago. The moment shared web hosting came into common use, the cPanel platform couldn’t adapt to the new reality and meet the requirements of the dynamic website hosting industry anymore.

The Geetech Hosting Control Panel was built to work on a cloud website hosting setup and can rapidly be modified if a completely new functionality is designed. It’s really a one–stop site management interface for maintaining your web presence as well as your site names, web sites, invoicing as well as your technical support communication.

1. Domain name/invoicing/site adjustments

If you wish to handle your domains, websites and billing from just one location and not have to utilize any extra interfaces, the Geetech Hosting Control Panel is what you need.

The cPanel Control Panel does not provide synchronised control over domain names and websites. You receive one invoicing panel for your domains and invoices, and a separate Control Panel for your sites.

2. File Hierarchy

Taking care of a variety of domains and websites from a single website hosting account needs to be uncomplicated. With the Geetech Hosting Control Panel, every single domain and subdomain is located in a standalone directory and is 100% separated from the other.

If you attempt to take care of a wide range of websites from one cPanel website hosting account, it could be quite a bit perplexing. You’ll have a single master web site and all extra websites and subdomains are going to be incorporated into its folder as sub–directories. If you wish to use an individual folder for each individual web site, you will need to use different Control Panel interfaces for each.

3. File Manager

The Geetech Hosting Control Panel incorporates a simple–to–operate File Manager, which enables you to post files by just dragging them in the web browser. You will be given instant access to all capabilities by means of useful right click context navigation. You can also make use of code and WYSIWYG tools. All actions are really simple to work with.

The File Manager featured in the cPanel Control Panel has been updated a few times throughout the years, nevertheless it still doesn’t provide good results in comparison to other web–based file administration applications. You are unable to utilize a drag–n–drop capability to publish data files, the zip/unzip tool can be difficult to rely on from time to time and the file management interface is restricted in features.

4. Cost–free Bonus Tools

In case you are searching to get a better value for your money, then the Geetech Hosting Control Panel is your answer. It arrives with free bonus tools that are likely to cost you over a thousand dollars. You will be able to utilize Geetech Hosting’s Simple Website Installer, Free Web Applications, Framework Installer, Cost Free Site Building Tool and you will have access to a large range of 100–percent–free design templates.

The cost–free bonus tools packaged in the cPanel Control Panel could vary from nil to several. All zero–cost extras in the cPanel Control Panel are licensed software and will be accessible to you on condition that your web hosting provider has bought a certificate to provide them. This way, if your service provider complimentary extras together with your package, they’ll in reality add to the cost of the whole service.

5. Control Panel Interface Performance Speed

We have enhanced the Control Panel to run uninterruptedly with our equipment solely. This makes it noticeably faster than similar site management interfaces. We’ve also designed it to

work with the full capacity of your net connection – the better your web connection is, the quicker our website management tool works.

The cPanel Control Panel is installed on lots of servers, operating on a wide variety of software and hardware configuration setups. Nonetheless, its universal circulation ends in considerably sluggish and less risk–free performance as compared with similar website management interfaces that are optimized for 1 system exclusively.

6. Multi–domain Controls

The Geetech Hosting Control Panel lets you seamlessly control a wide range of sites in addition to their domains from one location. Every single site will have its very own separate directory in the root directory of your hosting account and will also be fully separate from the rest. That way, you need use only 1 hosting account to maintain as many domain names and websites as you want.

With cPanel, it is impossible to control your domains and your web sites from one location, since the two interfaces are divided. You will need to log into two individual places anytime you want to manage your domain name features and site contents at the same time.

7. Control Panel Menu

When using the Geetech Hosting Control Panel, you are able to promptly browse from one area to another working with our handy top menu bar. It provides links to every section of the Control Panel and a brief explanation of precisely what you’re able to do there. This way, even if you do not know very well what the name of the section means, you’ll have the ability to quickly get acquainted with its functionalities.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the main page is the only location that includes links to the different areas. In case you go into a menu and wish to easily move to another, you will have to get back to the home page and go further from there. Such type of navigation may slow your job when you want to easily execute numerous tasks all at once.

8. Demo Control Panel Accounts

The Geetech Hosting Control Panel comes with a full demo that shows you virtually every menu and function it has. You can start building a site, install web apps, make email addresses, etc. That way, you can get a far more in–depth understanding of its user interface and functionalities before signing up.

Through the demo hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you’re able to solely become familiar with look and feel of the user interface. Nearly all features are disabled and you also can’t in reality navigate away the homepage. With most web hosting vendors, you’ll be given access to a generic cPanel demo account, and won’t have the option to explore the Control Panel you will actually be employing to look after your web sites if you enroll.

Rather than just reading about the Geetech Hosting Site Control Panel, you can simply consider our own Live Demo to check out for yourself how easy site management could be.

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