What is Moodle?

Moodle can be depicted as an application for constructing compelling web based courses. Targeted at giving lecturers the finest instruments for content material display and learning assessment purposes, it has become highly regarded among teachers all over the world. Moodle is an open–source application, that is backed up by a considerable community around the globe and that nowadays serves around 7 million e–learning web sites and over one million professors.

Moodle can be employed for a high school web site as well as for a sizable college website that has a huge number of clients. A great deal of organizations utilize it as a platform for conducting online courses. Moodle comes with a variety of exercise modules (for example – message boards, databases and wikis) for shaping highly collaborative e–learning communities.

Moodle is a trademark of Martin Dougiamas and is not affiliated with Geetech Hosting.

Online School Shared Web Hosting Services

Assuming that you run an online course for pupils, your site needs to be consistently available on the internet, regardless of how many students are visiting it concurrently. At Geetech Hosting you can easily find special Online School shared web hosting services with 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. Which means that irrespective of what happens, your web site shall always stay on the web.

All of our Online School shared web hosting plans furthermore include limitless disk space, infinite data traffic and unlimited MySQL storage. To kick–start your educational website, we offer you a free domain name registration or domain transfer. On top of that, we’re going to configure Moodle for your website the moment you sign up. This way, as soon as you log in in the control panel, you can have your Moodle site already available on the internet, awaiting you.

A Point & Click Site Control Panel

When you manage an online course, it’s crucial that you spend as much time as is possible on your class instead of on site maintenance. This is the reason why it’s imperative that you have a control panel that is as intuitive as is possible – our Site Control Panel.

It’s built atop the custom shared web hosting system and it’s built to work with it specifically. That grants the Site Control Panel a critical advantage in speed, stability and stability over alternative control panels. Additionally, the control panel is stuffed with instruments and bonuses to help you far better maintain your site. With the File Manager, Domain Names Manager, Mail Account Manager, Online Statistics Manager and Databases Manager you will see how a job like web site control can become something simple and pleasant.