An email alias is an e-mail address that uses the very same mailbox as the initial email. For example, you can have as your original e-mail address and add an alias Both the email addresses can share the very same mailbox, so e-mails sent to both of them shall be received in one place. You can use aliases for various needs, like getting in touch with various teams of people or signing up on websites. If you begin to get a great deal of spam, for example, you can easily remove the alias while your actual mailbox won't be impacted at all and you'll keep the e-mails you need. Aliases in many cases are perceived as a substitute for forwarding messages from one mailbox to a different one if you are using a couple of addresses for contact on your web site.
E-mail Aliases in Shared Web Hosting
With each shared web hosting package that we offer, you will be able to create tens or even hundreds of aliases for every mailbox that you have created in the account. The procedure is very easy and you could create or erase aliases with only a couple of clicks through our in-house built Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. This feature will save you time as it will be far easier to control the emails from various email addresses that you use or that can be on your site in one place. Any time you answer, the other side will get an email from the alias, not coming from the main e-mail address linked to the mailbox. You are able to combine this feature with mail filters or e-mail forwarding should you prefer a copy of some kinds of messages in the original mailbox and in other independent mailboxes.
E-mail Aliases in Semi-dedicated Servers
The Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, that comes with each and every semi-dedicated server plan we provide, will allow you to set up aliases for each existing mailbox in the account with just a couple of clicks. You can create or delete as many aliases as you need any time. In this way, you can have an individual email for different areas of the very same website or even for unique web sites under one organization and have your electronic communication handily in one place. This will also make it less difficult for a number of individuals to keep an eye on what's going on. If required, you can make use of our e-mail forwarding feature as well, therefore if an email message is sent to an alias, it's also forwarded to a different actual mailbox.