Dropbox is a file storage service, that enables you to store any sort of information. The files are synchronized between all units where the Dropbox application is installed and you are able to access them from any sort of device, including a smartphone. Unlike a hosting service where the files are executed and an html file, for example, shall show as an actual web page with text and images on it, in Dropbox you'll view the content as a list of folders and files. If you have an account with them or open a new one, you can take full advantage of our 100 % free service and you can link a web hosting account on our end with the Dropbox account so that our system can make regular backups there. In this way you can have a copy of your data on our hosting servers, on their servers and also on your computer and you will be able to access it from any machine so long as the Dropbox app is installed, which will give you more safety in the event that something happens with your information, such as an unintentional deletion, for example.
Dropbox Backups in Shared Web Hosting
You'll be able to use the Dropbox backup function with all shared web hosting services that we offer and at no extra cost. Via the respective section within the Hepsia CP, you'll be able to link a Dropbox account with a few mouse clicks and the backups will start being generated there the same day. You can choose the Internet sites and databases which shall be copied there individually, so if you have a lot of content on our end or a small disk quota with Dropbox, you can choose only the content which you actually need. You could also choose the number of backups which will be kept inside your Dropbox account, ranging from three to fourteen, so you'll be able to have a daily copy of your information going two weeks back. Including several accounts or deleting one that you no longer want to use is as simple. The Dropbox backups could be used along with the daily backups that we keep of all your information just in case that you would like to have a copy on your PC through the Dropbox application.
Dropbox Backups in Semi-dedicated Servers
You will be able to make use of the Dropbox backups with each semi-dedicated servers services that we offer and linking the two accounts is quite easy. Our advanced Hepsia hosting CP will permit you to customize the procedure, so that you will be able to decide how many copies of your information shall be kept on the Dropbox servers and if everything will be backed up or only particular Internet sites and databases. Either option could be changed at any time and the maximum daily backups which you can have at any given time is 14 given that you have sufficient free space on their end. This function is incredibly useful in the event that you want to have a copy of your websites on your computer system simply because the synchronization with the Dropbox servers is automatic and you'll not have to download anything by hand. We also generate backups 4 times each day of all your data and this feature just adds more security to any valuable data you have in your semi-dedicated server account.
Dropbox Backups in VPS Servers
You can reap the benefits of the Dropbox backups if the VPS servers you choose is set up with our in-house created Hepsia hosting Control Panel. With the incredibly intuitive interface, it'll take you simply a few mouse clicks to link the VPS to your Dropbox account and the same day our system will begin copying your data there. There are several customizable options - the number of daily backups that you'll have at any time, ranging from 3 to 14, and the content material which shall be backed up. The latter option will allow you to choose if our system shall copy everything or only certain websites and databases, so you could get only the information that you really need, particularly if the free space within your Dropbox account is not enough for a number of backups with significant size. You can disconnect your account with just a click within your VPS Control Panel if you no longer wish to use Dropbox. We also provide conventional backups among other administration services as an element of our Managed Services package.
Dropbox Backups in Dedicated Servers
All dedicated servers which are offered with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel come with the Dropbox backup feature by default, consequently if you'd like to employ this service, you only have to link the server to your account via the Dropbox section in Hepsia. The user-friendly interface will permit you to select the sites that'll be backed up in case that you don't need the entire content which you have on the server or you simply don't have plenty of free space in your Dropbox account. You could also choose how many copies of the day-to-day backups will be stored, hence if you choose the maximum number of 14, for example, you'll have a copy of your files and databases for each and every day of the past two weeks. Both options can be edited anytime in the event that you change your mind regarding the content of the number of backups you need. You could also disconnect the Dropbox account without difficulty if you don't need to use it or if you prefer to use the backup service that's a part of our Managed services upgrade along with other helpful server management tasks that our system admins can perform for you.